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My work is built on the idea that photography captures a finite period of time, and renders 4-dimensional situations into 2-dimensional images. Through various media and processes I try to highlight this, whether it is through long exposures using a pinhole camera or creating images using traditional analogue processes such as lumen photography. In some pieces I incorporate layers in order to emphasise the flatness of the final pieces. In this age of instant images and digital devices to view the results, I have taken a step back in time to when photographs were crafted through physical processes and the results could be enjoyed not just for the images but as artefacts in their own right.


2009. The Unseen (with Gerard Hastings and Kevin Newark); Globe Centre Gallery London

2012. New work; Attic Studios Bangkok

Publications: Getting into Art and Design Courses (published by Trotman)

2020 Hua Hin Art Festival, Baan Sillipin


IG: james.r.burnett

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